Taking a walk this evening along the beach of Lake Michigan with my good friend from Racine, Mr. Nick Demske, reminded me I haven’t blogged this week.

Nick and I had some poignant discussions about personal choices, addiction, how unhealth affects family members, and how difficult it is to change habits (even when attempts are made).

To play a little catch up: last weekend I rented a little car and went to Louisville, Kentucky for my friends Rachel & Kit’s engagement party. I left WI about 3pm on Friday and return by 1:30pm on Monday. I had a GREAT time. It was so good to hang out with them and catch up. We sat on the front porch, went to a rock quarry that was turned into a swimming “pool,” ate amazing Thai food, picked out jewelry for the wedding, went to see “Beasts of the Southern Wild” (we cried), rented a movie (I’d forgotten what that meant) called “God Bless America,” I kicked some ass at a game of Scrabble (where no points were kept track), and lots of other fun little things.

I did take my protein hot chocolate with me and had that with some trailmix [mostly peanuts, raisins, and some M&Ms] for breakfast most mornings. I also made a conscious effort to drink water whenever I could throughout the day. Rachel & I made a deal to try to both lose 10 pounds before the wedding in New Orleans. So, we have 3 months!

Since returning on Monday afternoon, I was stressed out trying to deal with the logistics of moving. By Tuesday I was pretty sure I’d found the place & person I wanted to live with. I emailed Parker on Monday evening, and we talked for about 45minutes on Tuesday. Tuesday night I texted and emailed a few more people but was still feeling best about the place Parker had to offer. I emailed him asking if he could drop the rent a little [I have to rent a storage unit], he did, and as of Wednesday morning we decided to move forward!

Wednesday morning [all before noon] I rented a climate controlled storage unit, reserved my UHaul truck, and hired 2 movers for 2 hours on Saturday to help me unload the truck in Tulsa. My company is paying for $1500 of the move, and I think I’m going to come in right around that budget. If I am a little over, I am okay with that.

Packing had been put on hold during the hours of Craigslisting, emailing/texting potential roommates, and storage unit & moving truck price researching. After all of the aforementioned was arranged, I finally felt relieved enough to begin packing again.

My packing is a bit tricky because I am moving items to a storage unit AND my house. Not only do items have to be sorted through and the boxes packed separately, they also need to be placed in the moving truck in a particular order. For example, my bed & box spring need to be put on the truck last so that they are the first items unloaded in to the house. Conversely, boxes with file folders for the storage unit actually need to be loaded first because I want them to be unloaded last (so they are at the front of the storage unit — permitting me easier access to the documents, should I need them for some reason). Yes, I know, this made my brain hurt for a moment at first too. So now, whenever I pack a box I have to label what’s inside, which location it goes to, and whether it should be loaded first or last.

I am not making the same mistake as South Carolina and pretending I can handle all the moving in a short amount of time on my own. Nick suggested I make a Facebook event and offered to ask some of his friends if they could stop by and help out next Wednesday. I will get over my embarrassment of having so much stuff, and I will graciously accept any and all help. See, it’s only taken 7 months for me to learn that new trick! : )


I can’t fill out my little information at the bottom because I don’t know how much I weigh. My scale has been giving me an “Error” message the last 3 days. :-/