I will be moving to Tulsa in 2 weeks (or less). I was offered the job of Event Manager at the SpiritBank Event Center. The SBEC is a 4500 seat arena with two large banquet halls. In addition to my event duties, I will be supervising 2 Event Coordinators.

The timing is excellent for several reasons. I’ve been able to travel freely this summer to Florida, South Carolina, and Kentucky and entertain guests who have come to visit me. I will move at the end of the month, which makes it nice for leaving one lease and entering another. I start Sept. 4, so I will have a long weekend to get settled in to Tulsa before starting work. And my temp job ends today (for the most part), so I will not have to worry about leaving them shorthanded.

I am happy to have a new direction to focus my energy! Huzzah!


Date: 8/17/2012
Current Weight: 191
Goal: 155
Pounds til Goal: 36
How I Am Feeling: Ready