I stopped doing everything this last week. I stopped eating well. Stopped going to the gym. Stopped packing. I got in a funk the last 5-6 days where I didn’t feel like doing much outside of my room. I felt depleted instead of energized and lacked motivation to push myself.

Last night was the worst. I had a migrane for hours which kept me from sleeping. Why I didn’t take medicine earlier when I had only a slight headache, I don’t know.

I didn’t do anything differently last night. However, this morning I felt awesome. I awoke early and felt rested. The haze is gone and the energy had been restored. I can focus more easily on tasks at home and work. 

I am surprised, and very glad, it did not impact my weight.

So strange, but I am glad it’s over!


Date: 8/15/2012
Current Weight: 192
Goal: 155
Pounds til Goal: 37
How I Am Feeling: Much better